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Do your pretzels contain any dairy or whey products?


Are you Kosher?


Can you freeze pretzels?

Yes, our product is very similar to a fresh bagel and therefore, freeze and reheat beautifully!

Do you have heating instructions?

Yes, each box and party tray goes out with a printed card with both re-heating instructions and ingredients.

How do you re-heat pretzels?

Thaw if frozen, lightly spritz/dampen with water, cover with tin foil and then heat in conventional oven/toaster or on BBQ for approximately five (5) to ten (10) minutes at 350 degrees or microwave in ten (10) second increments until hot. Then enjoy!!

Are you a nut free facility?

Yes, we are a completely nut free facility.

Do you make gluten free pretzels?

Sorry, we do not offer any gluten free pretzels, as our product is made with 100% high gluten flour.

Do you have sesame seeds on site?

Yes, we do use sesame seeds on some of our specialty pretzels and cookies. However, if alerted to a sesame allergy we can and are happy to take extra precautions to prevent any possible cross-contamination.

Why are my soft pretzels hard?

Our product contains no preservatives and, therefore, has no shelf life. Within minutes of coming out of the oven our product starts to cool and develops a chewy outside crust. If you wish, you can reheat and they will be soft on the inside and crunchy on the outside.

Do you ship?

We can ship our hard pretzel trays, cookies, and chocolate items, but unfortunately we do not ship soft pretzel products.

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